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    TEC (Thermoelectric coolers) is a peltier module, and can also be called peltier cooler, thermoelectric module, and thermoelectric cooler, etc.Thermoelectric Coolers can generate both heating or cooling thermal power when applying an electric DC current at different directions. When the current flows in one direction, one of the peltier cooler's plates is heated up while the other is cooled down. As the current reverses the direction, the TEC plates will reverse their thermal polarity accordingly. TEC modules have many applications. One of them is to keep diode laser chips working at a constant temperature, thus, the lasers will output a laser beam with a stable wavelength, constant power, and low optical noise.

     TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) modules are the essential components for keeping the diode lasers working at a constant temperature, thus, the lasers will have constant output wavelength, power and/or less or no mode hopping. We offer a wide variety of high performance high quality TEC Modules, most of them work well with our TEC controllers and thermistors.

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