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This series of TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler) modules, ATE1-TC-127, has 127 pairs of Peltier elements inside with a maximum voltage of 16.2~17.5 Volt. They are designed for temperature cycling applications, in which a TEC module is exposed to demanding physical stresses as the module shifts from heating to cooling, and this can significantly reduce the operational life of a standard TEC. This thermal cycling TECs have significantly longer thermal cycling operational life than standard TECs.
Dimension(mm): 39.7*39.7*3.94

Imax: 6A

Vmax: 18.1V

Qmax: 60W

DTmax: 79°C

Note: Sealed

1~4$ 32.00 each

5~24$ 31.3 each

25~99$ 30.60 each

>=100$ 28.90 each

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