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4W Isolated DC-DC Power Module ATMV12V400V10MA1


Wide Input Power Voltage Range: 10V to 18V
Output Voltage: 400V
Max. Output Current: 10mA
High Efficiency: 78% @VIN = 12V & VOUT =400V & IOUT = 10mA
Output Ripple Voltage: ± 1% @20MHz
Isolation Voltage: 1500VDC
Output Short-Circuit Protection: Automatic Recovery
Full Aluminum Housing for Complete Shielding
Industry Standard DIP Package
Operating Temperature Range: −40℃ ~ +85℃
100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant

This power module, ATMV12V400V10MA1, is designed for achieving DC-DC conversion from low voltage to high voltage as a power supply source. It is widely used in scientific research and other fields including:
Sustaining Ion Pumps
Spectral Analysis
Particle Accelerator
Capillary Electrophoresis
Piezo Devices
Photo Multiplier Tubes
Avalanche Photo Diodes

This Power Module is a medium voltage, isolated DC−DC converter with 2:1 input voltage range. With a wide operating temperature range, built in short-circuit protection, providing this unit with high reliability and long life.


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