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1. Solar recharging, protection and saving energy.

2. Power bank.

3. Can be folded in any angle, easy to use, and easy to carry.

4. Can be adjusted as LED lamp brightness.

5. Use energy-saving LED, no stroboscopic, free maintenance and long life, what’s more, it won’t hurt your eyes.

6. Products with high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, and it is convenient to use.

7. A full battery sustainable light 8-100 hours. (Different LED lamp brightness, last time in light up will be different)

8. Calendar clock/ Alarm and snooze/ Reverse timer

1~9$39.90 each

10~29$36.00 each

30~49$35.00 each

50~999999$31.00 each

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