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This laser driver, ATLS15A218, is an electronic module that has all the valuable and important, but difficult to achieve simultaneously, features: wide input and output voltagerange, high output current
capability, high efficiency, low output noise (but it has an output 4mVp-p ripple voltage at 500kHz),
wide modulation bandwidth, and small size. The wide output voltage range, 0.1VVPS ~ 0.8VVPS,
allows driving one or multiple serial laser diodes at the same time, for up to 15A well controlled
current at high efficiency. The extremely low noise between DC ~ 10Hz and low DC current drift
make it ideal for driving diode pumped laser diodes. Because of the high efficiency, the laser driver
generates small amount of heat, thus, no heat sink is necessary for normal operation. The fully
shielded case blocks all the incoming and outgoing EMIs (Electro-Magnet Interferences). Therefore,
this laser will not interfere other surrounding electronics, nor will be interfered by them.
The small package saves valuable PCB space in laser systems.


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