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Super SMD Capacitor Kits C04-50B


Our capacitor kits are thoughtfully categorized bycapacitor size, the number of values per kit, and thequantity of pieces per value. Explore our selection andfind the perfect kit to meet your specific needs.
There are 2 generation of capacitor kits. The newestgeneration, created in 2023, offers more number ofvalues per kit, and some of the capacitors have highervoltage ratings.
The 128-Bin Capacitor Kits have one of these options incapacitor size and number of values:
0402 size 87 values, 0.5pF to 22uF,±0.25pF or ±5% to ±20%;
0603 size 96 values, 0.5pF to 47uF,±0.25pF or ±5% to ±20%;
0805 size 91 values, 0.5pF to 100uF,±0.25pF or ±5% to ±20%;
1206 size 81 values, 1.5pF to 220uF,±0.25pF or ±5% to ±20%.
When considering the quantity of pieces per value, youcan select from four options: 50PCs, 100PCs, 200PCs,and 500PCs. Inside the enclosure, each capacitor ismeticulously pre-sorted and individually stored,featuring vital information like capacitance, material,voltage, and tolerance prominently displayed on each lid.
Operating the enclosure is a breeze, ensuring efficientaccess to the desired capacitor within seconds. Thesekits offer exceptional versatility, easily finding a placeon your workbench, shelf, or for transport to differentlocations. They prove to be the perfect choice for a widerange of tasks, including prototyping, experimentationwith new circuits, or the reworking of printed circuitboards.


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