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Datasheet for 42 Values, 0603 Size, 200pcs/value RF Capacitor Kit

Super SMT RF Capacitor Kits offers the most convenience for obtaining any value of SMT RF capacitors in the shortest time with the highest accuracy. The capacitors are pre-sorted and stored separately with their main specifications, capacitance, material, voltage, and tolerance, clearly marked on each lid, see the photo on the right side, in our unique sturdy snap-lock Super SMT Component Enclosure, which has 128 individually lidded compartments. The enclosure takes the same surface space as a letter size paper. Operating the enclosure is easy and convenient that your time for obtaining a particular capacitor is minimized to seconds. The kits can easily be placed on a work bench, put on a shelf, or transported to other sites, making them the best choice for building prototypes, doing experiments on new circuits, or reworking printed circuit boards.

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Weight 5.5 lbs